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February 22, 2010 ah01490

This is my first PR Connection! I am a little behind, but I think that this is a great topic to start with. This past Friday Tiger Woods made his first public appearance since the huge scene that was made on November 27 when he crashed his car outside his home. Tiger spoke to a small group of his friends and colleagues for almost 14 minutes.

In this very public apology Tiger said, “I owe it to my family to become a better person, I owe it to those close to me to become a better man. … I have a lot of work to do, and I intend to dedicate myself to doing it.”

Although I think it was the right thing for him to do by apologizing, I think his mistakes have caused too much damage to be reversed. It is so sad to see such an amazing golf player throw his entire career and family away because of his selfish urges. 

Tiger Woods had so many sponsors that have chosen to not support him, but some have continued to sponsor him. I do not think that they should. I do not think that he is a good role model. I think that all of his sponsors should end their contracts. 

This appearance of Tiger Woods was a great public relations event. It received a lot of coverage from the press. Although I do not believe he can  do anything to recover from his horrible actions, this is one way that he is moving in the right direction.


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